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Trends and Legal Dilemmas

Nordic Conference on Anti-discrimination law 25-26 April 2013

Anti-discrimination legislation represents one of the most dynamic legal areas within EU law. This development is connected to the fact that topics about equal treatment and non-discrimination are crucial for the future development of Europe and a common labor market. These questions are also directly related to the interpretation of fundamental human rights. The conference is primarily addressing labor market aspects.

The preparation for this conference is linked to a reference group consisting of professors from universities covering all Nordic countries; Ann Numhauser Henning / Lund, Jonas Malmberg / Uppsala, Stein Evju / Oslo, Ruth Nielsen / Copenhagen, Niklas Bruun / Helsinki and Elin Blöndal / Bifröst (on Iceland).

The conference will be held in English at the University of Gothenburg. The organization is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers and The Department of Social Work at the University of Gothenburg. Target for the conference is to invite participants from each Nordic country representing: Governmental bodies and ministries, surveillance bodies or ombudsmen, researchers, the parties on the labor market, other lawyers involved in anti-discrimination issues.

You find the programme and the list of participants to the right as PDF documents.

Susanne Fransson & Eberhard Stüber


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